What makes us different!

Although you can ride a different local route each day, we can include days to the Massif Central where road cyclists can take on the 1589m climbs while mountain bikers can enjoy days at a mountain bike (VTT – Velo Tout Terrain) centre, however you will return to the comfort of your own holiday surroundings after each ride.

We are the perfect choice for families, if there is only one or two cyclists in the family we have lots to entertain the non cyclists both onsite and locally, even if its just lazing by the pool soaking up the sun.

For the young budding cyclists we have our own trails and plenty of land for children to play for hours adventuring around, just like we used too.  We could even do with a hand building more ramps, berms and trails.

If you are a road cyclist and would like to have a go at mountain biking our own trails are the perfect place and vice versa with mountain bikers wanting to give road cycling a go, the roads are so quiet therefore ideal.

No need to be here, there and everywhere at certain times as required by most tour holidays, but like tour holidays the food is still great and the wine definitely still flows.