It’s All About the Bike

We are not hard and fast riders, or extreme fitness fanatics, we just have a passion for cycling. Whether it is your first time on a bike or you’re an experienced rider, we are here to help you have a great holiday.

We will put an ideal cycling holiday package together to make your break exactly what you want. You can cycle as much or as little as you like, all day, morning, afternoon, evening or not at all, the choice really is yours.

Unlike other cycle tours you will sleep in the same bed each night and after each ride you will return to relax at our beautifully restored farmhouse accommodation so no need to live out of a suitcase. There really is something for everyone, we will listen and provide the cycle holiday you want.

Mountain Biking

We have kilometre after kilometre of off road tracks through the Perigord National Park; with scenery you will only ever see when off the beaten track, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, chateaux, wildlife… the list is endless. On top of this we offer a shuttle service with rides to top cross country mountain biking venues further afield.


Road Cycling

Experience the kilometres of undulating, extremely quiet roads of rural France, passing through traditional French villages and breath taking scenery. The roads in this part of France are in the majority well maintained and extremely quiet, if you are lucky enough to see a vehicle the drivers have the up most respect for cyclists. Don’t forget all rides have a back up shuttle.


Family Cycling

Family cycling can range from 1km to 42km off road and traffic free (meaning worry free for most parents) but easy, well maintained tracks around many different lakes or along disused rail tracks passing through French villages – ideal to stop off for lunch, ice cream or a swim in the lake.

Although as a family we all love to cycle, Dave is much more hard core and likes to cycle harder, longer and more extreme than Leigh or the kids. Here at Square Bear Biking we cater for exactly this situation. Our onsite and local facilities can keep your partner and kids entertained while you tackle some of the best cross country mountain biking or road cycling in France. Everybody can then rendezvous for a relaxed evening and share your days experiences.


Mature Cyclists

With exceptionally quiet roads and off road tracks this area of France is ideal if you are a serious cyclist or prefer the more leisurely pursuit. Many of our routes will take you through or very close to a traditional French village. Why not stop off for a leisurely lunch and wander around the towns, and perhaps visit a traditional market to really take in the French way of life, then cycle on back or hop on the vehicle back-up bus.



Here you will not only get an insight in the amazing areas you can cycle but really get into your cycling and get to know your/a bike. We start off slowly and go at your own pace, when you have got the confidence and want to push yourselves we will be there to support you.


Nervous Riders

Time is no matter, there is no rush, you have plenty of time to build up your confidence. So if you are out mountain biking and need 40 mins to hop over a tree root that’s exactly what you will get. If you are a nervous road cyclist these roads are an absolute joy to cycle. Drivers have the utmost respect for cyclists and that’s only if you get to see a car in the first place! Seriously the roads are very, very quiet and you can build up to the busier roads as your confidence grows.


Rest Days

Even the most serious of cyclists may want a rest day and explore the area by other means, ie- car, foot etc. This area of France has so many things to see and many other sporting activities close by. The rest day will be when you want it and is for you to do as you wish. Help and advice are always on hand.


Ethan’s Bike Park

Our son Ethan is a keen cross country and downhill rider, after a fair few visits to the Alps we have armed him with a mini digger and now have some excellent fast flowing and technical rides here on our very doorstep. Check out Ethan’s Bike Park Facebook page for photos, video’s and more information.

All guided routes will have vehicle back-up if necessary.